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Our Team

The Dental Studio 2001 is home for Igor Čech Jr., MD, who is combining his skills, professionalism and approach in order to provide patients with exceptional dental care. Dr Čech treats each patient in the highest possible comfort in a relaxed atmosphere of the dental centre Dental Studio 2001. You can be sure that your smile is in good hands with his natural gentle treatment and humane approach.

In this spirit Čech Jr., MD, also leads the whole team of doctors and nurses in our dental centre. He carefully chooses his colleagues with the responsibility of his own and it is extremely important for him that they mirror his philosophy of approach and patient care. In the Dental Studio 2001 we mutually see ourselves as a real team, compact group of responsible people, where each of team by his/her individual professional performance contributes to a common aim and good reputation of our dental centre, of which the objective is ultimate professionalism and patient's satisfaction.

It is counted equally on each member of this cluster team, regardless of his/her position. This fundamental attitude to our work contributes to the family and friendly atmosphere, also due to which our patients are happy to return.

Igor Čech Sr., MD, Dentist and Founder of the dental centre.

Igor Čech Sr., MD, graduated in 1962 from the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava, Field of Dentistry. Since then, he has been working in Piešťany. Professional development: Higher Education (attestation, course of Tropical Medicine, English language, follow-up attestation in Periodontology). From 1968-1977 he worked as a doctor in Africa, in Zambia (Kasama, Chipata, University Hospital in Lusaka - teaching medical students and medical assistants), he also worked one year for the Air Medical Service of Zambia. After his return he worked as a dentist in Piešťany Health Care Hospital until 1994, when he founded and built up his private workplace DENTAL STUDIO 2001 in the premises of Slovak Health Spa.

• "The name reflects progressive thinking, a vision of progress and the choice of modern therapies - the year 2001 was seen as entering into the third millennium, and .... it was easy to remember and free phone number in the Spa Complex.

• The philosophy of high professionalism and deeply humane approach to patients is a constant principle of all our employees, accentuated by unexpected advances in technological development of support equipments as well as dentistry itself."

Activities: Since 1992, Igor Čech Sr., MD, is the organizer of benefit concerts for talented young people, a versatile traveller, an organizer and participant of many expeditions (diving, yachting, travelling in Africa and other countries, he pioneered many of them in Czechoslovakia and Slovakia – e.g. the first Slovak to Kilimanjaro). He regularly published reports from his journeys in Piešťany Revue. Tennis, skiing and piano are still his passion...

Igor Čech Jr., MD, Head Dentist of the dental centre

Since 1997, after graduating from the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava, Field of Dentistry, he has been working in the private dental practice founded by his father, Igor Čech, MD. His specialty is implantology, bone reconstruction, periodontology, aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics and alveolar surgery. For detailed information about domestic and foreign training, lecturing and publication activities of Igor Čech Jr., MD, please, see it here. 

Marta Križanová, Dipl. DH - Dental Hygienist and President of the Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic

She began her work in the field of dental hygiene 17 years ago, when in Slovakia was opened the first private dental practice of dental hygiene. She attended a lot of foreign professional internships in the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada. She is actively lecturing at professional conferences on prevention in dentistry. Her work was published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, and in 2006 publishing Who is Who, Verlag AG in Switzerland ranked her to the Encyclopaedia of Personalities of Slovakia, which describes the personalities of scientific, cultural and economic life of the society. She has many years of professional experience in dental hygiene. As the President of the Association of Dental Hygienists of Slovakia, each year she represents the Association at the World and the European Dental Hygienists Federation.

Zuzana Matušovýchová - Managing Director - has been working in the Dental Studio 2001 since 2010 and her main responsibilities include public relations, marketing, external communications to suppliers, contractual relationships, financial records, organizing of professional training activities. From previous work experience: she was responsible for the area of procurement in one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies and led her own trading company in Toronto, Canada.

Ingrid Bičanová - Receptionist

Graduated from the Hotel Academy of Ľ. Winter, specialized on tourism. She worked as a receptionist at the Slovak Health Spa Piešťany and later in a travel agency. She speaks English and German and since 2008 she uses her background experience at the Dental Studio 2001 as a receptionist.

Darryl Millwood - Dental Technician - Germany, Dentallabor Company

Mr Millwood, who comes from Australia but lives and works in Germany, as a dental technician has been cooperating intensively with the Dental Studio 2001 since 2009. His work is always at high creative and quality level, which corresponds with the philosophy of our dental centre.

Peter Schulz - Dental Technician

Dental Studio 2001 cooperates with Peter Schulz from 2003